Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead Trilogy at The Rio Theatre, Vancouver, BC - Friday, Sept. 19th

Fri Sept 19th - The Evil Dead at 7:30pm. Evil Dead II at 9:30pm, Army of Darkness at 11:30pm. Tickets are $6 advanced $8/door (each). See all three for $13 advanced / $15 door ******************** Ever-present, ever-listening, the Evil Dead lies in wait for the one ancient incantation that will give them license to possess the living. Watch in horror as five vacationing college students are forced into battle with the supernatural forces that occupy the forests and dark bowers of man's domain. The innocent must suffer. The guilty must be punished. One-by-one, the students are possessed by these demons whose thirst for revenge is insatiable. As the night wanes, only one man remains... Ash. He must now defend himself while trying to uncover the horrible secret of The Evil Dead.


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