Friday, October 31, 2014

Bruce Campbell On Why ‘Evil Dead’ Isn’t As Funny As You Think

Interview Excerpts: The original “Evil Dead” is a pretty gruesome horror flick, but many of the over-the-top scenes come across as being humorous. Does the film function, in some ways, more as a comedy than a scary movie?

Campbell: You’re completely wrong about that. It’s not a comedy at all. It was never intended to be a comedy. What you have is very extreme situations that will make people laugh. Somebody gets stabbed in the Achilles with a pencil and blood comes gushing out—some people are going to laugh. The dialogue is all straight, it’s delivered straight, which is why the remake was done serious as well. The original “Evil Dead” has very hokey dialogue delivered by very inexperienced actors. You’re going to get some comedy out of that potentially, but there are also some good horrific moments.

The pundits have made it into a comedy, and they’re so wrong. When some of the reviews for the “Evil Dead” remake in 2013 were like, “This movie has no comedy like the original,” it’s like, what are you talking about? A woman got raped by a f-----g tree in the original. To me, that’s not funny. Will we ever see the return of Ash to either the big or small screen?

Campbell: We’re trying to get Ash as a TV show right now. We’re currently negotiating with a company to get this thing on the air. It’s basically the return of Ash in the modern day, reenlisting to kick some demon ass. So, you know, until the deal is signed, there’s not a whole lot you can talk about. But yeah, we’re actively trying to get that going.

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