Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2 Featured Items: Mia Evil Dead Custom Action Figure & Custom Hot Wheels Olds & package of "Movie Metal" from Evil Dead

Hi Realmers, Im a big fan of horror films and love the Original evil dead films, I also love the 2013 version they made.
I always figured some company would make a Mia figure, but to my knowledge one was never made. So I had a crack at one myself, from the ending scenes with the red dress, missing hand and chainsaw, Had to call in the wife on this one to sew the red dress for me.
Recipe Head and upper body Hope Summers, ML
Legs Chun Lee sota SF
I Sanded off the boots and resculpted them, Removed the hand and added small bits of plastic for the stump gore, and bloodied up the whole thing to represent her in the final scenes in the movie, and sculpted the necklace.
Old Ash even got a repaint for the photo.
Cheers guys thanks for checking her out.

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Hello all Here we have an auction for a customized HotWheels and custom blister package. The vehicle has been sealed on the card. The product is custom made so it is not perfect but we had fun putting them together and hope that you enjoy them as well (please check out the pics and ask any and all questions that you may have) ...also dont forget to stop by our store and check out the other great origional comic art and our fine selection of custom minimates custom gi joes, and custom hotwheels ..and if you dont see who you want just let us know and we can set up a free estimate for you..thanks and have a great day!!

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