Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bruce Campbell Rocks Wizard World Comic Con with LAST FAN STANDING!

D.M. Anderson writes:

The good folks at Moviepilot were gracious enough to arrange for me to cover all three days of the Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, OR. I was honored, excited and nervous all at once, because even though I’ve been around a while (probably longer than most of you reading this), I’ve never actually attended a Comic Con before, never cosplayed or hung around those who do (although my youngest daughter, because of my long hair and beard, suggested I cosplay as Jesus).

Still, I was up for the challenge, and for the first day of the Con, since most of the celebrity Q&A panels were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, I planned to mingle and see what was there, get some pix of some of the more impressive cosplayers and sit-in on a few of the events scheduled for the evening.

But, alas, I feel like I may have let Moviepilot down on this first night. Sure, I met some folks with awesome costumes, and was in awe of the vendor booths which filled the Oregon Convention Center (it’s truly movie-TV-comic-geek heaven). But then I got distracted like Dug the Dog spotting a squirrel when they announced Bruce Campbell’s new game show, Last Fan Standing, would be beginning in a few minutes.

Oh, hell yeah! I just had to cover this!

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