Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sam Raimi's Darkman: 25th Anniversary Screening w/ Q&A from Dan Hicks

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Popcorn Nights & O Cinema are proud to present the 25th Anniversary of Sam Raimi’s Darkman

Tuesday, February 24th (9pm)

**Live Skype Q&A with actor Dan Hicks (“Evil Dead II”, “Maniac Cop”, “Intruder”, “Darkman”)**

Two decades prior to Liam Neeson kicking ass on screen with his particular set of skills in the hugely successful “Taken” franchise, he teamed up with “Evil Dead” creator “Sam Raimi” in the cult classic “Darkman. This film proved that Raimi could break-out of the horror genre with success and also marks the first starring role for Neeson after supporting parts in films like “The Dead Pool”, “Next of Kin”, “Satisfaction”, and “Krull”. I have always loved darkman, thanks in no small part to Larry’s Drake’s sinister turn at villain Robert G. Durant. If you are in the mood for some 90’s awesomeness, make sure to join us for this special screening of DARKMAN

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