Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lucy Lawless Discusses Her Role in the Upcoming Series "Ash vs Evil Dead" on Starz

The following is a partial transcript of a HuffPost Live interview with Lucy Lawless conducted by Ricky Camilleri. The interview streamed live on April 14, 2015. The excerpts below pertain only to the upcoming Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead. Click here to watch the entire interview.

Excerpt One - Discussion of Ash vs Evil Dead begins @ the 19:55 mark:

Ricky Camilleri: Talk to me about Ash vs. Evil Dead. I'm a huge Evil Dead fan.

Lucy Lawless: Uh huh.

Ricky Camilleri: So what does this show entail?

Lucy Lawless: Well, I call it a jolly old splatterfest, though I've not read, all the, you know, script, so I can't... I'm giving you broad stokes here, where we revisit Ash, as a 50 something year old man, who's still working at, you know, some loser pharmacy or something. And uhm, oh, I didn't say that. Not a good pharmacy, like all ones you have in America. This is, you know, a lame pharmacy, in a another country. Uhm so.

Ricky Camilleri: You quantify pharmacy.

Lucy Lawless: Yeah, okay anyway, he's working in a uh sort of, still in his no end, dead end job. And, uhm, and I'm going to be the character in the movie who tortures him, mercilessly.

Ricky Camilleri: You get to torture Bruce Campbell?

Lucy Lawless: Yeah, 'cause if you think about it, the Evil Dead movies and the Army of Darkness, uh, they were all about torturing Bruce, as a character.

Ricky Camilleri
: Oh yeah.

Lucy Lawless
: And I feel there is nobody, but a little sister like me, who knows to get under a big brother's skin.

Ricky Camilleri: Have you started shooting?

Lucy Lawless: They start this week. I'm still shooting Salem, uhm, in Louisiana and I will join them next month.

Ricky Camilleri
: Are you excited. Have you... Do you know Bruce?

Lucy Lawless
: Yeah!

Ricky Camilleri
: Have you met him before?

Lucy Lawless
: I've known Bruce for 20 years.

Ricky Camilleri: Really?

Lucy Lawless: So Sam Raimi is directing it, the original director, the original star.

Ricky Camilleri: Wow.

Lucy Lawless: Rob, my husband, was one of the producers, he's doing... We got the band back together. It's going to be great.

Ricky Camilleri: That's amazing. I can't wait see this. Where, what, what network is it airing on?

Lucy Lawless: Starz.

Ricky Camilleri
: It's on Starz?

Lucy Lawless: Yeah.

Ricky Camilleri
: Oh, this sounds fantastic.

Excerpt Two - Discussion of Ash vs Evil Dead begins @ the 25:16 mark:

Ricky Camilleri: Will your character on Ash vs. Evil Dead be someone, that would be, say the show runs for a couple of seasons, three seasons, would your character end up being on that for the duration?

Lucy Lawless
: Yeah I've signed on for the duration.

Ricky Camilleri: So that's interesting. When was the last time you signed on for, uh, the duration, rather than just a short arc? Is this the first time in a while?

Lucy Lawless: Yeah, a really long time. It was, it's taken me a long time to find a show or a bunch of people that I would, uh, to line up, you know, my availability, with their desire, with our mutual liking. Because it's kind of like a marriage.

Ricky Camilleri: Yeah

Lucy Lawless: So you don't want to get in bed with people that you don't, uh, think will respect you in the morning. Or vice versa. You know got to really love...

Ricky Camilleri: Or it's going to be silence in the morning.

Lucy Lawless
: And had Ash vs Evil Dead not come up, I would have signed on with Salem, cause I have a great deal of respect for them. There such a fine bunch of human beings.

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