Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lucy Lawless Talks About Salem, Mementos And Her First Evil Dead Experience

Interview Excerpts:

Q. Who are you playing in the Evil Dead show?

A. I'm in what Meryl Streep calls the "witchy-poo" phase of life, going straight from this very high-end drama in the horror genre to splatter comedy. I'm playing Ruby, who will no doubt be revealed as a bit of a crazy woman. She's stuck on Bruce Campbell for one reason or another — she wants to bring him to justice, but we'll see whether her motives are pure or not. Or if she's just bonkers.

Q. Were you an Evil Dead fan before meeting Rob?

A. No, I was disgusted by it. When I was 17, my very first boyfriend and I went to his friend's house and we were going to watch this "great" movie called Evil Dead. And when the tree starts to brutalize the young woman in the first five minutes, I got up and left. I was furious: "Whoever the filmmakers were are complete misogynists and they're sick!" I was full of young woman angst. Cut to 10 years later and I'm married to the guy.

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Bonus Tidbit from Lucy Lawless from a different interview - Ash vs. Evil Dead:

"She [Ruby] thinks he’s [Ash] the devil’s spawn, but she wants him to be her baby daddy."

Lucy Lawless Bewitches ‘Salem’ and Longs for a ‘Xena’ Reboot -

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