Thursday, May 14, 2015

Interview: Frank Hannah on Board with “Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn”

Interview excerpt:

CB: Tell us about the first three “Evil Dead 2” miniseries, as best you can.

Hannah: The first mini-series, “Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn” in June will really set up the book and the lead characters Ash and Annie. They will go from scrambling around to finding a sense of purpose despite their current circumstances. Beyond that, we will see self-contained stories that expand the story and raise the stakes for the characters. There’s going to be a human cost to the work they do and that will weigh heavily on Annie. In the third mini-series I would like to see how Annie handles the fact that more people than she’s probably aware of are being manipulated by this ancient evil and the subtlety of that will bring about huge moral dilemmas.

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