Sunday, June 7, 2015

SALEM: Lucy Lawless Talks Season 2, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, and More

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Interview Excerpt:

People are very excited about Ash vs. Evil Dead, and that you’re a part of it. When the idea of that was brought to you, what was your reaction?

LAWLESS: “Oh, I’ve gotta be a part of that!” It’s getting the band back together. Even though I wasn’t there, at the beginning of Evil Dead, I obviously have a long association with my husband, Rob Tapert, and therefore Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who was in Hercules and Xena. I’ve known Bruce for 20 years, and love him. It will be neat to be on a show that he stars in. He used to relish being second banana. Now, he’s first banana, and I get to say, “Suck it up!” He’ll have to get to make-up at 4 am and not complain. He’s divine to work with. I worship him.

What can you say about who your character is and how she fits into the story?

LAWLESS: I don’t really know because I haven’t read all that much of it, to be honest with you. I’m taking it on faith. But, it’s gonna be fun! It had better be good ‘cause this Salem role is truly fascinating, and I can accept nothing less now. The writers on Evil Dead better pull out all the stops!

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