Wednesday, September 16, 2015

As Groovy As Ever, Bruce Campell Insists ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ is Better Than a Fourth Film

Boom, baby, boom! Nearly 30 years after we last saw Ash Williams in action, Bruce Campbell is back battling Deadites, only this time on the small screen.

Campbell’s return to the chainsaw-wielding, boomstick-firing character he originated in 1981 finally happens next month in “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” the Starz sequel series to Sam Raimi’s cult-favorite film trilogy. The debut season consists of 10 half-hour episodes – the pilot is helmed by Raimi, who’s producing alongside longtime partner Rob Tapert – with the stock boy and aging lothario forced to face his demons when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy humanity.

“This is better than a fourth movie,” promised the 57-year-old Campbell, who’s heard calls from the franchise faithful for decades to revisit the world of “Evil Dead.” “The fans have driven all this. The fans are responsible for every single bit of this. They’ve been relentless for years. The last ‘Evil Dead’ movie was 24 years ago — 1991, when we shot ‘Army of Darkness.’ They haven’t shut up since! So no matter what we say to them or what we give them, it will never be enough – and we’re very grateful for that.”

“Even if I was over it, the fans would not allow me to be over it,” the actor chuckled during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour. “I’ve gone to conventions since 1988, and I’ve heard ever every subsequent year, ‘When are you making more of this?’ … I don’t think I was ever really over it. You get a little tired of not being able to answer them, because they go, ‘When is another movie coming?’ I couldn’t really tell them, so I was more frustrated, like them, than being over it. I can’t be over the ‘Evil Dead’ movies. They got me into the film business.”

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