Monday, September 14, 2015

Evil Dead: The Musical - Las Vegas Releases A New Mobile Game


We are proud to announce that Lightwood Games has created an addictive game based on your favorite Las Vegas Show, complete with tons of blood, campy humor, a killer look, and the evil forces of the Necronomicon dying to take over your phone!

SPLATTER ZONE is a puzzle game that asks you to find the differences between images from the show, while Scotty’s guts are dragged across the screen. Take too long, his guts are dragged too far, and you lose the round. Get everything answered correctly in the time limit and you move on to the next round.

You can challenge your friends on the leaderboard, making this game a way to see just which of your friends is the “real” EVIL DEAD fan!

Finally, you can get more info on the stage show of course!

The game is available for both Android and IPhone users, so don’t despair! Use these links to get the game on your phone!

For IPhone users:

For Android users:

You can also find more info on the game at Lightwood Games website at this link:

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