Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exclusive: Dana DeLorenzo says Ash 'has met his match' on Evil Dead series

Aaron Sagers

Sure, Ashley J. Williams is back, but when it comes to slaying Deadites in the 21st Century, he’s going to need a hand. That’s where Dana DeLorenzo comes in. In Starz’ new series Ash vs. Evil Dead, premiering this Halloween, she stars as Kelly Maxwell, one-half of our hero's back-up crew.

But don’t call her a sidekick. Whereas Pablo (played by Ray Santiago) looks up to the demon-dispatching one-handed one-liner machine that is Ash -- of course still played by Bruce Campbell -- DeLorenzo’s Kelly begins the series as less than impressed with “the king.”

Instead, she says she first meets Ash when he tries to pick her up on her first day working at Value Stop, where Pablo and Ash also work. It isn’t until later that she sees there might just slightly more to Ash than the sleaziness. But when I speak to her on set, it seems like she’s definitely part of Team Ash.

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