Monday, October 5, 2015

BEYOND FEST '15: Vinyard revisits EVIL DEAD I and II with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in attendance!

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Papa Vinyard writes:

Like pretty much everybody reading this, I’ve carried a long, deep love for the EVIL DEAD series.

Perhaps it’s because of its very particular (and totally inconsistent) blend of comedy and horror. Perhaps it’s because of what host Edgar Wright mentioned, that it’s a franchise that doesn’t “pick off” its characters, but continually picks on its resilient, but tortured protagonist. Or perhaps (most likely), it’s because of Bruce Campbell’s career-making performance as beleagured S-Mart employee and power tool expert Ashley J. Williams.

Regardless, I’ve seen these films countless times since my first experience with EVIL DEAD I as a pre-teen (when, even watching on my laptop and during the daytime, I still managed to get freaked the hell out). ARMY OF DARKNESS probably got the most play, due to a combination of how many versions have been released, the easy-breezy tone, and my need to show the film to absolutely everyone I knew, closely followed by EVIL DEAD II. I’d only seen the original all the way through maybe three or four times before last night. That has less to do with my opinion of the film than my preference for II and ARMY’s badass, take-charge Ash to the helpless, lovey-dovey, clutching-his-axe-in-terror Ash of the first film.

But seeing the first two films back to back in a theater with two EVIL DEAD noobs definitely changed my perspective a little bit.

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