Monday, October 26, 2015

Den of Geek US - Ash vs. Evil Dead: Sam Raimi Talks Horror on Television & Future for Ash

Sam Raimi is often described as a master of horror and for good reason. As the director and co-writer of the original Evil Dead Trilogy, he is one of the men most responsible for putting phrases like “boomstick” and “swallow your soul” into the pop culture lexicon. However, he also hasn’t visited that world of Deadites and demons for over 20 years. Until now.

On Halloween night, the premiere episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead will debut on Starz to undoubtedly gory fan approval. We have already seen and reviewed that episode here, and we can vouch that Sam Raimi brings much of his bag of tricks to the foreground in the pilot episode that he co-wrote with his brother Ivan Raimi (who also co-scribed Army of Darkness and contributed to the earlier Evil Dead films as well). But while he is only directing this premiere half-hour of the first season, he has given a lot of thought about where Ash Williams is 30 years since entering that cabin in the woods, as well as where a new TV series can (and cannot) take him.

We chatted about that, the effect of the original Army of Darkness ending on the new TV series, and more when we sat down with Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi for a roundtable interview during San Diego Comic-Con.

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