Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Guy Creates Adorable ‘Evil Dead’ Fisher Price Pull Toy

Jonathan Barkan writes:

The creativity and ingenuity of some people will never fail to astound me. Couple that with undying passion and a healthy dose of obsessive fandom and you’ve got yourself someone who can make amazing things simply because they can!

Take, for example, this amazing Evil Dead-themed Fisher Price-esque pull toy designed by Steve Casino, which shows protagonist Ash waving his chainsaw arm and shotgun while a podium in front of him, that has the Necronomicon atop it, opens and closes, revealing a tiny Henrietta from Evil Dead II. The cool thing is that if you turn it around, Ash’s face becomes the Deadite Ash from the second film. Just a neat little bonus that adds a lot to the piece.

Click Here For Video And More Info - Source: bloody-disgusting.com

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