Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bruce Campbell On Returning To Ash In ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ And His Hatred Of Dog Food

Evil Dead fans weren’t sure if writer/director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell would ever do anything else with the franchise after Army of Darkness in 1992. There was always talk, but this resulted in a mildly successful remake in 2013 and scattered news bits about a possible fourth entry to the original series. These ultimately came to nothing, because Raimi, Campbell and the original players still involved decided to make Ash vs. Evil Dead for television instead.

Since its premiere on Halloween 2015, the series has succeeded in satisfying old fans and rounding up new ones for the continuing adventures of Ashley “Ash” J. Williams. This pleases Campbell, who’s been attached to the character and the property for almost 35 years. In a sense, Campbell is Ash, which led to a sometimes testy, but always enjoyable conversation with Uproxx about the Evil Dead films, the show’s popularity and everyone’s plans for the second season.

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