Thursday, December 3, 2015

Interview w/Joseph LoDuca - ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

And now a word from Joseph LoDuca, composer of the hit series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD on STARZ...

"I can’t tell you what a blast it is scoring Ash vs. Evil Dead. I was just out of college when I was introduced to Rob, Sam and Bruce in their “tree house” of an office space next door to a magic shop in Ferndale, Michigan. I had never written music for film, and I found these guys enormously entertaining, talented and driven. Plus they threw great parties. Hearing my music on the big screen for the first time was a turning point. Little did I know it would lead to a career largely as a result of their efforts.

So to see the three of them partnering together on the series, and to again sit in the music chair was coming full circle. I collaborated closely with Sam and Bob Murawski, his editor, on the score for the pilot. They attended the recording sessions, which really gave us the opportunity to finesse the details.

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