Monday, January 25, 2016

Trick or Treat Studios’ Kandarian Dagger

I got way to excited when I saw this available on I jumped, nay, shot myself from a canon to order this thing. I was moving faster than a speeding bullet. My vision instantly turned into Raimi Vision like when the demons were whipping through the woods toward the cabin, only I was headed toward my laptop.

I knew this was coming out. I have no Trick or Treat Studios stuff in my collection, and have been meaning to pick up something. Trick or Treat is really well known for their mask making.  I’m a big fan of their Halloween Michael Myers / The Shape mask with the tears. I never got it. Continuing to disappoint myself was not an option so I had to snatch one of these up. Not only is it from one of my favorite horror flicks, Evil Dead II, but it’s sculpted by Tom Sullivan who is famous as hell (and totally deservedly so) for being the magic man behind the FX of the Evil Dead films.

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