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Help Support Book Of The Dead (2016 Indiegogo Campaign - Evil Dead Fanfilm)

I'm Rob; filmmaker, British Evil Dead fan, and owner of &

I've been working on an Evil Dead short fanfilm for some months. The script is more ambitious than anything I've done to date, and involves building one large & one small set and paying actors, but is beyond my financial means to fund to a sufficient level, so I have decided to crowdfund this project using Indiegogo. You can donate via that page here;

To give investors an idea of the quality of the final short film, I've shot the film's intro/credits sequence out of my own pocket to use as a 'trailer', and you can see that above. It's entirely new footage shot by myself, there is no footage from any of the 'Evil Dead' Trilogy of films used anywhere in it, although there are a few closely matching shots. Copyright permission for the 'Book Of The Dead' & 'Kandarian Dagger' to be replicated & shown has been given by their copyright owner; Tom Sullivan.

This intro/credits sequence tells little snippets of the story of the 'Book Of The Dead', how it was first found, Professor Knowby translating it at the cabin, and skimming over the events of 'The Evil Dead', leading into to what will be the start of the main film. It was shot using three actors (myself included) over four locations using seven mini-sets taking nine weeks from start to finish, including all the prop/set purchase & construction work. This includes sets of an archaeological dig, the Professor's desk & fireplace in the cabin, as well as little sections of the cellar and workshed too. While based around 'The Evil Dead', eagle eyed fans might spot that I've also borrowed some little prop/set details from 'Evil Dead II' as well.

The full fanfilm script treats the first film; 'The Evil Dead', as a single event (ignoring 'Evil Dead II' & 'Army Of Darkness'), My film will be a continuation of these original events. It'll be more of a scary ghost story like the first film, as opposed to the action/adventure of the second & third films, and won't feature any of the existing main characters from the series in the body of the film. The script has already been written (which will come in around the 20-30 minute mark depending on the budget raised), a budget calculated, and set & prop designs finalized.

This would be my third recent short film. You can see my previous short; 'The Lateness Of The Hour' (which is being screened at the Sacramento Film Festival in April 2016), and a personally shot documentary about my Evil Dead fandom below;

The Lateness Of The Hour (2015 British Short 15min Horror Film)

The Evil Dead: A Superfan's Odyssey Documentary (Locations, Chainsaw Prop Replicas, Musical, Shorts)

For more information on this project, see behind the scenes production photos, and to donate, please visit;

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