Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Evil Dead II Workshed & Cabin are coming to a comic con near you!

My name is Mike Pasquale, owner of is the new home of the Evil Dead 2 Workshed and Cabin Exhibit. I am trying to make this exhibit mobile and with 2 Comic Cons already booking me, i am well on my way. But its all out of my own pocket.

I am an Evil Dead II prop builder. I replicate the Chainsaws and the famous wall clock seen throughout the Evil Dead movies. I recently rescued many items from the original filming location of Evil Dead 2 from its shallow grave in Wadesboro North Carolina. A full list of recovered items can be seen at

The most prized item that I recovered was the entire Workshed from Evil Dead II. Those of you familiar with the series, the Workshed itself is where Ash’s Chainsaw and main persona were born. I fully funded the project out of pocket along with one donation from a past customer. When I returned home with the Workshed and cabin artifacts, my story went viral throughout the Evil Dead Community. Prior to returning home with these items, I decided to share them with the rest of the fans so that they can see the artifacts up close and personal. I plan on travelling to comic cons across the county to show off all of these items, including the fully assembled Work shed. The Work shed and its means of transportation are my main reasons I am trying to raise money.

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