Monday, May 2, 2016

New Additions to the Evil Dead II Exhibit and Upcoming Exhibition Dates

Today, Mike Pasquale of let EDN know about some new additions to the Evil Dead II Exhibit. Mike has now managed to obtain the front door of the Cabin! Some other items acquired are the Workshed front door, the Upper Loft Door, a section of the fake chimney, two interior doors and some shutters.

The Cabin Front Door:

The Workshed Front Door:

3x3 Section of the fake chimney:

These new additions, along with the items Mike obtained from Operation: Evil Dead Uproot, will be displayed at Comic Cons in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For a full list of Mike's recent acquisitions check out this link: New Additions to the Evil Dead II Exhibit

Also, below is a link to event dates Mike has already booked to display his Evil Dead II Exhibit:
Upcoming Exhibitions

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