Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah offers rare screening for Bruce Campbell's birthday (Josh Becker Interview)

Interview excerpt:

I know you worked on the first “Evil Dead” film. Was that your first experience collaborating artistically with Bruce, or did you two know each other before that?

Josh Becker: I met Bruce when we were 12 in junior high school. His locker was a couple down from me — they were alphabetical: Becker, Campbell — and I don’t specifically remember meeting him. We were in an acting class and a play, “The Lottery,” and I cast Bruce in his first movie, “Oedipus Rex,” that I shot in ninth grade. We then went on and made quite a few Super-8 movies together over the next several years, along with our friend, Sam Raimi. When we were 21, we went to Tennessee and spent 11 weeks shooting “Evil Dead.” We then came back to Michigan and spent the better part of the next two years finishing the film.

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