Friday, July 29, 2016

Bruce Campbell on Expectations and New Characters in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2

In the early days of his career a young Bruce Campbell joined forces with the fresh filmmaker Sam Raimi in a low budget horror movie called ‘The Evil Dead’. Ever since then Bruce Campbell has taken on multiple roles in plenty of movies and television shows, but his fans will always always associate the dashing actor to the bloody franchise that helped define that decade of horror.

Who would have guessed that years after he first took on the role of Ashley “Ash” Williams that Bruce Campbell would inevitably take on the role once more? Similar to Ash’s association with the Necronomicon in the ‘Evil Dead’ universe, this is a character who’s battle against the forces of evil will never lay to rest. So fans rejoiced when the tale of the S-Mart employee turned Deadite killer continued on in the popular Starz series ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’.

The new show brought audiences right back into the blood-splattered world where an older and not-too-wiser Ash faced a new set of demons with the help of some friends. Even though they barely made it out of the first season alive, there’s still evil spreading itself out into the world – largely due to Ash’s deal with Ruby. Everything may appear cozy for Ash and his friends in Jacksonville, Florida, but their troubles are far from over.

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