Saturday, July 23, 2016

‘Evil Dead 4’ Could Still Happen; “Ash vs Evil Dead” to Reference ‘Army of Darkness’

The Evil Dead universe is about to collide and then we’ll collectively explode.

It’s been reported multiple times that Starz’s “Ash vs Evil Dead” has bits and pieces of what was once to be the long-gestured Evil Dead 4. Hearing that made it appear that a fourth film would no longer be in the cards, which was slightly disappointing considering Ash’s cameo at the end of the Evil Dead remake (Fede Alvarez’s film is actually a sequel, in the same universe, but shhhhhh). Still, it’s hard to complain when we get a full blown Evil Dead television series…

Starz and co. are at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con hyping up the home video release of Season One, with the follow-up season set to return this coming October. During one of the press panels, executive producer Rob Tapert revealed that Evil Dead 4 is still in the cards!

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