Friday, July 1, 2016

Here’s Your First Look At ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 (Exclusive)

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Alright Deadites, it’s almost time to get groovy again! Later this year, Starz is bringing back Ash vs Evil Dead for a second season, and fans at Comic-Con are going to be getting an early preview. But before that happens, we’ve got the first cast photo from the new season!

However, a brief recap is in order. Although Bruce Campbell‘s iconic imbecile was drawn out of his self-imposed retirement from fighting the Deadites, the first season finale ended with Ash seemingly abandoning his responsibilities as the Chosen One to escape to Jacksonville, Florida. It was Ash’s greatest desire, and he wasn’t completely selfish about it. After all, he did include the survival of Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) in his deal with Ruby (Lucy Lawless), which left her in control of the Necronomicon.

Naturally, that happy ending is not going to last. And in this photo, it looks like Team Ash will have a surprising new member: Ruby!

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