Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dana DeLorenzo’s Reveals for Season 2 of “Ash vs Evil Dead” are Torturous


During our two-page conversation, DeLorenzo offered candid takes on every aspect of the show, with teasers ranging from why Baal is the most dangerous villain in Evil Dead history to Kelly’s relationship with Pablo to a reminder about the fate of anyone who gets close to Ash Williams.

DeLorenzo also shared her thoughts on the ways that newcomers Lee Majors and Ted Raimi elevate the show, how “Ash vs Evil Dead” has changed her life and an “action” from Season 2 which cannot be undone. All delivered with an infectious enthusiasm that left her saying “I’m so excited about this season that I’m pacing back and forth smiling because I just want to say so much but I can’t because I’ll ruin it,” continuing “I think we have such a fantastic Season 2 that I want it to be on tomorrow.”

One thing is beyond dispute: After reading DeLorenzo’s revealing responses, fans will be dying for October.

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