Monday, August 22, 2016

EW: Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival: Special groovy report

If you attended a film festival screening and some loudmouthed joker talked all over the action taking place onscreen then you would rightly feel bad for the folks who made the movie. But what about if the joker in question was one of the folks who made the movie?

Last Saturday, at Chicago’s Muvico Rosemont 18 cinema, actor Bruce Campbell joined comedian Doug Benson for one of the standup comedian’s Mystery Science Theater-style “Movie Interruptions,” to make amiable mock of 1992’s Campbell-starring Army of Darkness. The ensuing mayhem couldn’t help but be a tad confusing at times, as the present-day Campbell competed for the audience’s attention with his younger, Deadite-battling self. “I can’t tell if that’s you in the movie saying things or you here saying things,” Benson faux-bemoaned, early on. But there was little else to complain about as the sharply besuited Campbell pointed out the film’s cameos (“Bill Lusting, the director of Maniac Cop, walking in the background!”), boasted to the audience about his acting prowess (“I want to challenge you a–holes to try to pretend that a burlap sack contains a body!”), leapt out of his seat to point out at egregiously overacting extra (“That’s the a–hole! F—ing sonofabitch!”), and complained about the the lack of film roles in mainstream projects which came his way following the release of the third movie in the Evil Dead saga (“This is the only studio movie I’ve ever appeared in. After this, they were like, ‘No, he’s done!’”). In any case, there was really no one to whom one could complain, given the event was part of the four-day-long Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, now in its third year.

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