Monday, August 29, 2016

Interview: The King of the Bs – Bruce Campbell of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’

Interview Excerpt:

Geeks of Doom: When you, Sam, and the guys first made Evil Dead you guys were in your 20s. Now you’re in your 50s. In your wildest dreams, did you think you’d still be playing Ash Williams, and having gallons of blood thrown in your face at this point in your career?

Bruce Campbell: That would have been my worst nightmare. But the elements came together. We found a good partner in Starz, and realized we could get more mileage out of the franchise if it were a TV show. The fans could get more material that way, they seem to be insatiable, so why not give them more material instead of less? And that’s kind of how it came together. Rob Tapert is a great TV producer and he had a great set up in New Zealand, so we thought, “Let’s go down there.”

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