Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bruce Campbell Talks ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 and the Joys of Splatstick | Playboy

If you read any interview with legendary B-movie actor Bruce Campbell between 1993 and 2014, the chances are extremely high that you’ll find exchanges about the nonexistent Evil Dead 4. For over two decades, both he and franchise writer-director Sam Raimi were plagued with that undying question. That’s what happens when you’re the star of one of the greatest cult horror sagas of all time.

Since 1992’s Army of Darkness, the third and final film of the series, the franchise had a very lucrative life in the home-video arena, making a killing with countless editions in VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. It even spawned various lines of action figures and a variety of merchandise: keychains, apparel, posters, lunch pails, shot glasses—you name it. And the fans eat it up. So it was a matter of time until someone saw potential for a comeback.

In 2013, Campbell co-produced an Evil Dead remake directed by Fede Alvarez. While it wasn’t exactly what the fans had been clamoring for, it was still well received by critics. Then out of left field came the announcement that Raimi and Campbell were teaming up with Starz to brings us Ash vs Evil Dead, a 10-episode series where Campbell would once again don his signature chainsaw-hand, take up his shotgun (aka “boomstick”) and reprise his indelible role—Ash Williams. Forget a 90-minute movie. Fans were now getting five full hours that followed the events of the films. The series premiered in October 2015 to enormous praise.

Now Ash vs Evil Dead is back with its second season, ready to deliver another splatterfest beginning October 2. Here, Campbell tells us how this new season ups the ante, what Easter eggs we can expect and how Sam Raimi still manages to torment him on set from afar.

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