Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fede Alvarez: ‘We Might Write a Sequel’ to ‘Evil Dead’ and 8 More Cool AMA Reveals

Fede Alvarez, the Uruguayan filmmaker known for helming “Evil Dead,” is having an outstanding summer as his latest horror flick, “Don’t Breathe,” continues to dominate the box office. With a budget of under $10 million, the thriller is heading for a great second week, taking in about $54 million in its first two weeks. 

In celebration of his success, Alvarez took to Reddit for an AMA this week where he spoke about working with Sam Raimi, indie filmmakers taking on blockbusters, and writing a sequel for “Evil Dead.”

Here’s what he had to say:

On a follow-up to “Evil Dead”: “We might write a sequel at some point. And [the] tone won’t be a comedy, but it won’t be like my ‘Evil Dead’ either. We need to honor the fact that every ‘Evil Dead,’ always departs from whatever the previous one was, don’t you think?”

On having Mia and Ash meet in future “Evil Dead” movies: “I want to write that story, but I want Sam Raimi to direct it.”

His experience working with Sam Raimi: “I met him first over the phone a few years ago and we chatted [about] films in general, and realized we have a taste in common. And working with him has always been lots of fun. He’s an amazing director/producer and an amazing guy!”

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