Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Q&A: Lee Majors loves life as 'Evil Dead' dad

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The creators of Ash vs. Evil Dead wait all of 34 seconds after new guest star Lee Majors appears before the inevitable Six Million Dollar Man references start flying.

Besides the Bigfoot jokes and a "better, stronger, faster" riff, Majors promises “a bloody good time” in the second-season premiere of the Starz horror comedy (Sunday, 8 ET/PT). The opener introduces Majors as Brock Williams, dad to Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead mainstay Ash, who returns to his Michigan hometown to again stave off a horrific Deadite apocalypse.

Brock is definitely a naughty old departure from Majors’ most famous roles, 1970s bionic good guy Steve Austin on ABC's Six Million Dollar Man and ‘80s heroic stuntman Colt Seaver on The Fall Guy. “I got to say some bad words, which I’ve never done,” says the 77-year-old Kentucky native.

Majors was too busy doing family action dramas back then — his first role was in the 1964 movie Strait-Jacket, and Joan Crawford “chopped my head off with an ax before the credits came on.” But between his new gig and the upcoming video-game adaptation Dead Rising, “I’m into dead stuff now.”

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