Monday, October 17, 2016

‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Reunites Bruce Campbell With ‘Xena’ Alum Ted Raimi For A Memorably Boozy Episode

Ash vs Evil Dead treated its audience to one of television’s most sudden (and violent) endings in the final moments of “Last Call.” As shocking as it was, however, the second season’s third episode stands out for an entirely different — and far more positive — reason: the onscreen reunion of longtime friends and collaborators Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi. Ever since the latter’s older brother, Sam Raimi, directed both in 1981’s The Evil Dead, the pair has become virtually inseparable in front of and behind the camera. Hence why the showrunners’ decision to cast Ted as Ash’s longtime friend and lone Elk Grove supporter, Chet Kaminski, makes so much sense.

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