Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ted Raimi talks joining cast of 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'

You've got to love Ted Raimi. If you're a fan of genre movies and TV shows, it's virtually a legal requirement.

The former (and always in his heart) metro Detroiter is a funny, outgoing, still-enthusiastic-after-all-these-years actor known for appearing in all three of his brother Sam's "Evil Dead" movies and for costarring in TV series like "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "SeaQuest: DSV."

Through a long, busy career in Hollywood, the 50-year-old Raimi has compiled an IMDb page that's dotted with cult-hit horror movies like "Candyman" and "Wishmaster." He has great stories to tell about dream assignments like his two-episode arc on "Twin Peaks." If you want to be schooled in the business of acting in scary, campy sci-fi fantasy entertainment projects, he's your guy.

This weekend, Raimi can be seen in his new role on the Starz series "Ash vs. Evil Dead" and the casting couldn't be more apropos. He plays the childhood friend of Bruce Campbell, a.k.a. the young Ash in 1981's "The Evil Dead"  who's now starring as the middle-aged version of Ash in this spin-off of the famed franchise.

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