Sunday, December 11, 2016

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD’s Ashy Slashy Puppet Will Get an Official Release Next Year!


Tonight, the second season finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead will arrive on Starz, and it will bring TV’s bloodiest comedy to a temporary conclusion. There’s already a third season in the works for next year, and that’s not the only good news: NECA is going to release an Ashy Slashy puppet in 2017!

The news was announced on NECA’s official twitter account in the following post:

Within the world of the show, “Ashy Slashy” is the unfortunate nickname given to Bruce Campbell‘s Ash after the events of the first two Evil Dead movies. The Ashy Slashy puppet made its debut this year in an episode in which Ash was seemingly made to believe that the past three decades of his life had been a delusion. Campbell’s interactions with the puppet were also some of the funniest moments this season, but we particularly loved Kelly’s wild fight with Ashy Slashy in the eighth episode.  This series is so delightfully insane that we wouldn’t be too shocked if Ashy Slashy shows up next season as well.

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