Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Guest Post: Dana DeLorenzo- It Takes a Village to Raise a Strong (Female) Character

From horrorgeeklife.com:

A few weeks ago, Horror Geek Life had a light bulb moment. How great would it be to have a true horror heroine offer her personal insights to close out Women in Horror Month in her own words?

We needed someone who was tough and intelligent, but also handy with weaponry and witty. The first person who came to mind was Ash vs Evil Dead’s Dana DeLorenzo.

She said yes.

With that, we proudly celebrate the final day of Women in Horror Month with this inclusive and poignant piece written by Ms. DeLorenzo, because we’re kind of obsessed with her.

Don’t worry. She knows.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Toy Fair 2017: NECA Shows Off Evil Dead 2 – 30th Anniversary Boxset

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Info from dreadcentral.com:

Fans of Evil Dead 2 are about to get a little tight or in some cases, wet, in the pants as NECA has just unveiled their Evil Dead 2 – 30th Anniversary Boxset featuring Ash Williams going mano-y-mano with Deadite Ed Getley!

Hero Ash features the likeness of inimitable actor Bruce Campbell. Ash comes with a Necronomicon book that opens up, two alternate head sculpts, bone dagger, sawed off shotgun, and possessed deer head. Deadite Ed Getley comes with interchangeable heads, one of which comes apart to simulate his gruesome defeat by Ash’s chainsaw. Each 7” scale action figure is highly detailed and fully poseable.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Here’s NECA’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Ashy Slashy Puppet!

Wakey wakey… hands off your snakey.”

No horror show on TV gets more wonderfully weird than “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which introduced a Muppet-like Ash puppet in the second season’s eighth episode. Dubbed “Ashy Slashy,” named after the moniker given to Ash following the events of the Evil Dead films, the adorably sinister puppet left fans with but one desire: “I WANT ONE!” we all simultaneously tweeted.

Well hold your horses. You’re getting one!

Following a tease this past December, NECA just tweeted out the full reveal of their upcoming Ashy Slashy hand puppet ahead of this weekend’s Toy Fair. It’ll be released this year.

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Evil Dead's Sam Raimi sails into Bermuda Triangle for Skydance

The eerie waters of the infamous Bermuda Triangle are getting mighty crowded these days, with Hollywood dropping multiple creative anchors into the legendary vortex.

The latest filmmaker to attach himself to another Bermuda Triangle project is director Sam Raimi (Oz the Great and Powerful, Drag Me to Hell), whose Renaissance Pictures is joining forces with Skydance Productions for a cinematic voyage into the mysterious area of ocean between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where conspiracy theorists have linked the vanishings of many boats and planes for decades.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Skydance (World War Z, Star Trek Into Darkness) has been tinkering with their screenplay since back in 2013, when they courted Johnny Depp to star. With competing Devil's Triangle features also in the works at Universal and Warner Bros. in addition to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, secrecy is extremely high and no official plot details are available. Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, co-writers for The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, have penned the current draft of the script, which is only being described as "a mystery thriller" at this time.

Raimi has been quiet on the directorial front lately, with 2013's Oz the Great and Powerful being his last feature film gig behind the camera, but staying busy executive-producing several TV shows like Starz' Ash vs. Evil Dead.

What do you think of this armada of Bermuda Triangle movies coming from Tinseltown?

Source: www.blastr.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fright Rags Unleashes the Power of the Necronomicon with THE EVIL DEAD Shirts & Socks

Initially teased earlier this week, Fright Rags has now released their new Necronomicon and The Evil Dead apparel collection that features Ash, Deadites, and the book that's "bound in human flesh and inked in blood..."

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Elder Island Acting Clip ~ Donavan Darius with Danny Hicks and Timothy Quill

Donavan Darius with horror icons Danny Hicks (Evil Dead II) and Timothy Quill (Army of Darkness) in the horror movie Elder Island (2016)

Source: Donavan Darius

Mezco Toyz Announces Horror-Themed Burst A Box & Puzzle Blox Lines, DAWN OF THE DEAD Figures & More

With Toy Fair 2017 kicking off in New York City this weekend, Mezco Toyz has unveiled a diverse lineup of upcoming horror releases, including a horror-themed twist on the jack-in-the-box, new figures for George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, The Exorcist Living Dead Doll, and more.

As revealed on their website and Facebook page, the new Mezco Toyz products include the jack-in-the-box-themed Burst a Box and Rubik's Cube-esque Puzzle Blox lines, both of which feature horror icons like Freddy Krueger and Pinhead. Also revealed are new Doctor Strange, Dawn of the Dead, and Evil Dead 2 figures, as well as Living Dead Dolls for The Exorcist, Beetlejuice, and A Clockwork Orange.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Twelve Questions with Roger Murray

Roger Murray has spent two decades making monsters, gore and weapons for film and TV shows like Narnia, Spartacus and the Evil Dead at his workshop in Henderson. The props, prosthetics and make-up designer has created a giant animated cat for a play at the Herald Theatre this month.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ash vs Evil Dead Balloon Art

Info from xcmmagicman:
A collection of balloon characters from Ash vs Evil Dead, my favorite show of all time.

To see more of my work, please be sure to visit www.Facebook.com/MagicofDonald. Thank you!

Song: Cum on Feel The Noize by Slade

Friday, February 3, 2017

Japan Envy: Check Out this Incredible Evil Dead Packaging

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From dreadcentral.com:

Check out images of this insane packaging for the upcoming Japanese releases of the original Evil Dead and the remake. I can smell your wallets warming as I type. The Evil Dead (死霊のはらわた) (1981) Limited Blu-ray and the remake set will be hitting Japan on July 26 from Sony, and yes, before you ask, the remake’s package will be home to the film’s unrated cut.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

35 Evil Years! (Evil Dead Signing)

Info from: Fonso 13:
Here's a short video I made for the 35 Evil Years Print (numbered/limited to 200) signing with three cast members from Evil Dead: Richard DeManincor (Scotty), Betsy Baker (Linda),Theresa Tilly (Shelly) & composer Joseph LoDuca!! Thanks for watching! Like, Subscribe, and Comment.