Friday, April 28, 2017

Ted Raimi Gets Animated for Darkness Rising Art


Austin Reading’s Darkness Rising is now heading Stateside courtesy of IFC Midnight, and on tap right now we have an animated poster featuring genre staple Ted Raimi!

The film stars Katrina Law (“Arrow,” “Spartacus”), Bryce Johnson (Willow Creek, “Pretty Little Liars”), and Tara Holt (“Californication,” “Ballers”) and features horror legend Ted Raimi (Evil Dead, “Xena,” “Ash vs. Evil Dead”). Austin Reading directs.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tennessee Horror News Talks with Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly

We Talk with Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly 2 of The Ladies of The Evil Dead.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Does ‘Drag Me to Hell’ Take Place in the ‘Evil Dead’ Universe?

Mike Fugere writes:

Modern cinema’s grasp on what constitutes a sequel, remake, spiritual successor, or reboot is tumultuous at best – is Better Luck Tomorrow part of the Fast & Furious franchise, for example? While this may sound like a rather broad stroke, it is one that is easily narrowed when pertaining to the realm of horror. Be it an unofficial Italian sequel (featuring a kick ass zombie vs. shark fight) or a tacked on post-credits scene, horror films have a wide array of slapdash world-building tools at their disposal, which are utilized to create uneven (and often maligned) results. 

The one horror franchise that has transcended the constraints of trying to keep a cinematic barge afloat in a sea of studio politics, financial limitations, and creative differences is Sam Raimi’s beloved Evil Dead series. Fans and critics alike have embraced the inconsistencies, contradictions, and retcons between films and championed Evil Dead’s laissez faire attitude when it comes to storytelling. This is so omnipresent within the series that there is still debate/confusion/anxiety over whether or not Fede Álvarez’s 2013 film Evil Dead is a remake, a reboot, or a quasi-sequel (or perhaps all three?).

If a movie with the same name as the film it’s remaking or rebooting or who-the-hell-knows-what-ing can’t even be clear on the subject, I feel it is not out of the question that Sam Raimi’s underappreciated 2009 splatstick masterpiece Drag Me to Hell is part of this mad, mad, demon-filled world.

Before we dive into the deep end, I want to make it clear that there will be spoilers for Drag Me to Hell, all four official Evil Dead movies, and the first two seasons of Starz’s “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” television series in this article. Big, bloody, spoilers. So, if you have not seen the aforementioned works, stop reading this, lock yourself in a room for the next 24 hours, and binge watch away. Trust me, you’ll be better for it.

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Army of Darkness Deleted Scene

This is a deleted scene only featured in the German Boxset. It includes Ash and Arthur confronting each other

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Peek Inside Pages of Upcoming ‘Evil Dead 2’ Coloring Book!

John Squires writes:

I feel like I keep saying this but… it’s a great time to be alive.

The folks over at Space Goat Productions have been doing some pretty fun things with Evil Dead 2 in the wake of acquiring the 1987 sequel’s license – in addition to releasing a slew of comic books such as Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Krampus, they’re also putting out an Evil Dead 2 board game this year! Yes, a freakin’ board game. What’s next? A coloring/activity book, of course!

The Evil Dead 2: Adult Coloring and Activity Book is 96-pages of pure awesome!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Danny Hicks at Weekend Of Hell 2017

Interview unfortunately not complete!
Danny Hicks was starguest at Weekend Of Hell Convention in Germany 2017

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sam Raimi Inks First-Look Deal With Skydance Television

Skydance Television has sealed a multi-year first-look deal with Sam Raimi and his television producing partner Debbie Liebling. The studio has multiple projects in development with Raimi, which will be announced in the coming months.

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Paying Tribute To Evil Dead (2013) - Retro Review - PopHorror

“You will die like the others before you! One by one, we will take you!” It’s been 4 years since director Fede Alvarez shocked horror fans with his reboot of the famous Evil Dead franchise. Now, PopHorror pays tribute to what is arguably one of the best horror remakes of all time!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2 Featured Videos: Ted Raimi NJ Horror Con & Sam Raimi tribute in the 2017 film HITCHHIKER MASSACRE

We're at it again with It Came From The Radio. We head out to NJ Horror Con to experience the fright of our lives.

Cadma interviews Actor/Director Ted Raimi. We are big fans of the work of Ted Raimi from The Grudge, Evil Dead, Hercules and Xena. It was an incredible moment to find out what scares Joxer the mighty....


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Director James L. Bills tips his hat to the great Sam Raimi in the new horror film HITCHHIKER MASSACRE.

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