Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bruce Campbell Finally Settled the ‘Evil Dead 2’ “Sequel or Remake?” Debate


Yes, this is a thing horror fans have been hotly debating for years.

Is 1987’s Evil Dead 2 a sequel to Evil Dead, or is it actually a remake in disguise? Of course, the number “2” in the title would suggest that it’s a clear cut sequel, but why then does Ash Williams return to the cabin in the woods and go through the same motions he went through in the first film? It’s because of this that many fans view the film as Sam Raimi’s remake of his own movie.

So what’s the real answer to the question posed in the headline of this article? It totally slipped past us when it hit YouTube late last year, but Bruce Campbell definitively answered that question in a video chat with Bay at the Moon Productions back in November. During the interview, Campbell provided an in-depth explanation of this whole mess, which video clips were added to.

Long story short, Evil Dead 2 is a sequel. Well actually, in Campbell’s own words, it’s a “requel.” Trust me, his explanation is way less confusing than it sounds. Check it out below.

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