Monday, August 21, 2017

Bruce Campbell says Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3 gets 'completely crazy'


“We’re hoping it will be a game-changer,” teased Campbell of season 3, whose premiere date has yet to be made public. “We felt it was time to explore a little more of Ash Williams’ myth, because he is foretold in an ancient book — this is not me, this is the character talking — and it was time to crack into that. He’s not just a loser in a trailer park. He is foretold. So, why? Why him? We start to get some answers, and things get completely crazy — in episode 10, hopefully people will pick their jaw up off the floor. That’s what we’re going for. Nothing will be the same if we come back for season 4. And yet, if they don’t bring us back, I think we’ve done a nice little ba-dink.”

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