Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bruce Campbell Taught Me Four Lessons About Family in 17 Minutes

The B Movie Legend has A-list advice.

Joshua David Stein writes:

Most people know Bruce Campbell. Full stop. For some his massively chinned visage will forever recall the pulpy, bloody glory of Evil Dead. For others, his hypermasculine squint will forever recall Brisco from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. Youngsters and guppies will be familiar with his scenery consumption on USA’s totally ridiculous Burn Notice. Fewer people may know Campbell for his writing, but he’s a solid scribbler and his new (second) memoir, Hail to the Chin, is worth a read. It contains wisdom. Bruce contains wisdom. I know this first hand because we spoke for precisely 17 minutes by phone in the middle of Campbell’s 35 city book tour and he said several things that stopped me in my tracks.

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