Monday, August 14, 2017

Interview With Bruce Campbell of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’


Who is Bruce Campbell? Seriously, this was a question I had to answer for my mother! Bruce Campbell is the King of the B-Actors, a true modern renaissance man. His IMDb page lists over a hundred credits. He’s a producer and director, as well as the author of a New York Times bestseller. But to fans around the world, the answer to the above question is simple: he’s Ash Williams, the chainsaw-handed lothario from the Evil Dead franchise. He’s also my favorite actor, someone I proudly waited 4 hours to meet at a horror convention, and whom I got to interview last year while on vacation with my family inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. That interview occurred over the phone in the quietest place I could find in a theme park known for loud attractions. A year later, lightning struck a second time. I was privileged to get to interview Mr. Bruce Campbell this month, and had time to discuss his upcoming book, as well as upcoming Season 3 of the Starz hit series Ash vs Evil Dead.

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