Friday, August 11, 2017

Joe LoDuca: Commuting Composer

LOS ANGELES, CA/DETROIT, MI—Joe LoDuca is a rarity among scoring composers, having remained in his hometown of Detroit while maintaining a successful Hollywood career. That distance, and a credit list that stretches back to the early eighties, has also given LoDuca some unique perspectives.

Trusting clients and strict adherence to deadlines enabled him to work remotely for many years, says LoDuca. But eventually he and his family succumbed to the lure of Southern California. “Now, we’re out here more. I’m here half the year, especially away from the Michigan winters. And it’s great, because I can work more closely with people, musicians and studios and engineers, and I’m enjoying that,” he says.

LoDuca, a guitarist, and his band played the local clubs with the likes of Bob Seger and Ted Nugent while still in his mid-teens. He later received classical music training in Michigan and New York, hung out with some of Motown’s legendary musicians and immersed himself in the jazz scene. Then, in 1982, he was hired to score Evil Dead, the debut feature by director Sam Raimi, another Michigan native. That film also marked the beginning of a career-long working relationship with actor and filmmaker Bruce Campbell, yet another local.

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