Friday, September 15, 2017

‘Evil Dead’ icon Bruce Campbell loves his fans, but he knows they're not always right

The actor, on tour with his new memoir, brings “Last Fan Standing” game show to Salt Lake City.

For Bruce Campbell, who’s gone from iron-jawed B-movie icon to journeyman actor and back, fan love comes in cycles.

“You have the whole new generation now,” Campbell said this week, on the way to Austin, Texas, as part of a 35-city book tour. “You have kids who are 18 going, ‘I saw you as Coach Boomer in “Sky High” at age 9,’ or ‘I watched you on “Xena” or “Hercules” on Saturdays when I was 10.’”

A lot of fans know Campbell for the role that first made him famous: Ash, the chainsaw-wielding demon killer in “The Evil Dead,” the 1981 horror movie he made with his boyhood buddies, director Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert.

He returned to the role for the TV series “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which debuted on Starz in 2015. (The third season has been shot, Campbell said, and he and Tapert are awaiting approval from Starz for a fourth.)

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