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Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Will Top the Deadite Colon Fight

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Ash vs Evil Dead star Dana DeLorenzo says there’s a scene in the upcoming third season of the series that tops the fight between Ash (Bruce Campbell) and a cadaver’s Deadite colon from last year. The Evil Dead saga, of course, is the brainchild of director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and actor Bruce Campbell, whose independent filmmaking toils paid off in 1981 when they made The Evil Dead a horror cult classic.

While the first film in the series was strictly for scares, the trio took their love for Three Stooges-style slapstick and infused those sensibilities into their Evil concept with 1987’s Evil Dead II, giving that and the third Evil Dead film — 1992’s Army of Darkness a distinct combination of horror and comedy. Suddenly, the idea of excessive blood and gore turned into scenes of gut-busting laughter, and in the case of the film’s spinoff series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, other parts of the body have inspired some gross-out guffaws, too.

The high point (or low point, depending on your point-of-view) of gag-inducing humor came in last year’s second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, when in the episode “The Morgue”, Ash got into a tussle with the Deadite colon belonging to a deceased man, which ended up pulling the wise-cracking antihero’s square-jawed mug up into the sphincter of a cadaver. And while there were plenty of scenes of blood, guts and gore to go around the rest of the season, “The Morgue” scene was arguably the most disgusting one featured in the show’s 10 episodes.

Apparently, though, an effort was made to top the Ash/Deadite colon scene in the upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3. DeLorenzo made the reveal during an Ash vs. Evil Dead Facebook Live session Friday, which featured the actor, who plays Ash’s butt-kicking sidekick Kelly, along with Campbell, Ray Santiago (Pablo) and Arielle Carver-O’Neill – who joins the series this year as Brandy, the daughter Ash didn’t know he had.

The reveal unfolded when a fan asked what the cast members did to keep the new episodes fresh, to which Santiago responded with the motivational idea of, “How can top what we did the episode before?”

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