Thursday, November 23, 2017

'Evil Dead' artist to speak at Ivy Tech

MICHIGAN CITY — The Comic Book and Pop Culture Club (ComPop) of the Ivy Tech Michigan City campus will be hosting special effects artist Tom Sullivan as a guest speaker Nov. 30.

Last time Tom joined the group on campus, he had a “groovy” good time, so organizers are happy to have him back.

Sullivan is the make-up, special effects, and stop motion animation artist for the original "Evil Dead" movie. He created the Necronomicon, or the "Book of the Dead," used in the movie. As many know, reading from the book is what unleashed the terrors of the deadites that Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his friends had to battle and survive in the film. Sullivan has also worked on "Evil Dead II," "The Fly II,: and did the artwork for an H.P. Lovecraft role playing game.

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