Tuesday, March 6, 2018

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Cast Break Down The Disgusting Process of Being Soaked in Fake Blood, Brains and Goo

Life on the set of “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” after three seasons, means that blood, guts, and other sorts of grossness have become routine. “It’s pretty normal for us to be in the cafeteria eating lunch and see people walk around in full Deadite makeup,” star Ray Santiago recently told IndieWire at SCAD aTVfest. (Deadites, of course, are the zombie-like creatures battled by Bruce Campbell’s iconic Ash and friends in the Starz series.)

But an even bigger part of daily life is the “splatter matter” that Santiago and his fellow cast members Dana DeLorenzo are regularly covered in the course of shooting the horror-comedy based on the “Evil Dead” films.

DeLorenzo wasn’t sure if it was she or executive producer Sam Raimi who first coined the term, but “splatter mattter” serves as a useful catch-all to describe the goop. “It’s not just blood — it’s brains, it’s viscera, it’s colons, it’s vomit. It’s all the things,” she said.

And as IndieWire learned, it’s a major part of cast life when the show’s in production, and not exactly for the reason you think.

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