Monday, March 26, 2018

Horror Fan Faithfully Created the ‘Evil Dead’ Cabin With ‘Far Cry’ Map Editor

A new Evil Dead video game… now that’s what we need.

With Far Cry 5 releasing tomorrow, March 27, it’s only natural that fans of the video game franchise have been returning to the most recent game these last couple months. The new game will feature the return of the franchise’s popular Map Editor, and one fan just used Far Cry 4‘s Map Editor to create a custom-made replica of the Evil Dead cabin!

Specifically, the map is based on Evil Dead II, and it comes courtesy of Night Shift Gaming. A week was spent faithfully recreating the iconic locale, and the detailed map includes everything from the infamous fruit cellar to Linda’s grave. Beyond the cabin, you’ll even find the wrecked bridge from the sequel, formed into a skeletal hand.

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