Tuesday, April 3, 2018

ASH VS EVIL DEAD: Bruce Campbell talks Season 3 – exclusive interview

ASH VS EVIL DEAD, now in its third season on Starz Sunday nights, represents a very particular sort of career triumph for its star Bruce Campbell. By now, the origin story has gained folklore status: in 1979, Campbell and his friends, director Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, then young men in Michigan, raised $350,000 to make a low-budget horror film, THE EVIL DEAD, which was released in 1981, starring Campbell as inadvertent demon-summoner Ash Williams. The trio went on to make EVIL DEAD II (1987) and its studio-sponsored follow-up ARMY OF DARKNESS. The friends also came together to make the TV series THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR. (1993-1994) and JACK OF ALL TRADES (2000), both starring Campbell. Additionally, Campbell played the recurring character of Autolycus on the Raimi/Tapert series HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Campbell has a prolific career apart from the Raimi/Tapert team in film and television, with notable credits that include THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, ESCAPE FROM L.A., BUBBA HO-TEP (as Elvis Presley), MY NAME IS BRUCE (as a monster-beset version of himself), an a series regular role in seven seasons of BURN NOTICE as Sam Axe.

Through it all, though, Campbell (and Raimi and Tapert) kept getting asked at every public appearance, “When are you doing more EVIL DEAD?”

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