Thursday, May 24, 2018

For What It’s Worth, Bruce Campbell Gives His Blessing to ‘Evil Dead’ Continuing Without Him

What’s next for the Evil Dead franchise, now that “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is over and Bruce Campbell has officially retired from playing Ash Williams? Is there even a “next”?

Well, Fede Alvarez recently kinda-sorta expressed interest in making a sequel to his remake, and there are certainly any number of ways the franchise could continue without Bruce. On a related note, franchise producer Rob Tapert just recently noted that he and Sam Raimi “have been talking about what a new incarnation would be.”

So what does Bruce Campbell think about Evil Dead continuing on without him? A fan just asked him that very question on Twitter, and Campbell actually responded. The fan asked, “Even though you’re retiring Ash, would you give your blessing to Rob/Ted/Dana/Ray if they wanted to carry on the Evil Dead universe story?” Campbell replied…
“Not that they need it, but of course. Lots of unexplored stories and crossovers in the Evil Dead universe. .”
As for what form a continuation would take, well, your guess is as good as ours.


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