Wednesday, July 25, 2018

PopWrapped: Jane Levy Tells Us About Her Character In Castle Rock And If She Would Return To Evil Dead


One of Levy’s most popular projects thus far has been the 2013 reboot of the insanely popular Evil Dead and fans have made it known they hope to see it continue one day. So what does Levy think of all the Evil Dead sequel talk? She tells us, “I’d be interested. It’s funny, with the Evil Dead creators - nobody can rile a crowd like they do. They really know how to keep that hype going.” The Castle Rock star continues, “I have an Instagram, and did one of those ‘ask me anythings’ and literally every question asked was ‘Will you do Evil Dead 2’ but it’s good because people really like it.”

As far as Levy’s representation in horror, she explains that each project has created a different atmosphere, saying, “It just seems like [horror] is where I’m gonna go [laughs]. Evil Dead was the most extreme, then there was Don’t Breathe which was much more psychological suspense and Castle Rock is more small town mystery.” She concludes, “Through working on horror, I’ve definitely become a fan of [the genre] myself.”

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