Friday, August 17, 2018

Castle Rock’s Jane Levy Is Horror's Secret Weapon

I am a huge proponent of the 2013 Evil Dead remake. It's so gross.

Jane Levy: Thanks! Yeah, when I read Evil Dead, I was working on an ABC sitcom called Suburgatory, but I read Evil Dead and I thought it was just so ridiculous and funny and just so extreme that I thought, This would be the diametrically opposite job I could take right after finishing the first season of this TV show. I really wanted that part. And then from then on, continuing to work in the horror genre hasn't been something I've been looking for necessarily, but they do come to me.

Why do you think that is, besides Fede Alvarez wanting to work with you again on Don't Breathe?

I've thought a lot about why that is. Some of it is just that it's an industry where if you're in one thing that's successful, people think about you in that way and continue to ask you to do parts like that.

But I also think that there's something about my sensibility. Nothing gets me to the movie theater quicker than horror. I like things that push buttons and push boundaries, and horror and comedy are genres that do that. I guess, I hope, there's a quality in me that is vulnerable yet strong, which is a really funny thing to say about yourself. I am a huge crybaby, but I'm also really tough. I used to be a soccer player so I have an athletic background. It's a quality a lot of final girls have.
Evil Dead was your first starring role in a movie. I imagine that was a real trial by fire, in a debut, to have the opportunity to jam your hand into a chainsaw and cut a demon version of yourself in half.

Right? And get buried alive and cut my tongue in half and barf all over someone. Yeah, it should have been a miserable experience, right? It wasn't.

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